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Look away unless your comfortable talking about sex!

You see, you may not know this about me but over the last couple of years I’ve come to believe that our sexuality is an integral part of wellness and wholeness of the Soul. In fact, I’ve come to understand that this fundamental part of who we are is a key ingredient to our creativity and therefore plays an important role in our ability to manifest our dreams successfully.

And if you want to fast track bringing more JOY to your life and enhancing your connection to your Soul then the pathway of pleasure is the way to it. Pleasure exists in many experiences for all of us. It can be through food, friendships and doing what we love but lets not limit it here. Sexual pleasure and the art of giving to yourself and a partner releases endorphins, the magical potion that helps you to feel good, raise your vibration and create connection to yourself and your partner.

Celebrating your sexuality openly is not always easy as it is still quite the norm for this aspect of our lives to remain behind closed doors, yet if you think about it how can we be in full authenticity if we are not open, honest and honouring this part of who we are.

This has changed for me over recent times and while I’ve never been a prude, my capacity to enjoy sex, talk about sex and embrace it more healthily in my life has increased as I have come to fully love and accept myself.

Attending Sexpo 2018 a couple of weeks ago was initially set with the intention to explore what was on offer in this avenue and yes while this was a thread throughout the evening it also turned into a really fun date night with my boyfriend.

We had lounge pass tickets affording us entry into the VIP lounge for a few drinks while we watched this stage performance. I’m happy to report that equality exists and what was good for the girl was also good for the guy. Yes, be prepared you will see nudity at Sexpo.

We then had VIP entrance (no lines) to other performances such as this one, the Sydney Hotshots. I reckon they knew I was coming and got their country on just for me.

During the shows and walking around the many stalls, it was a joy to see so many different types of people out celebrating their sexuality. There were groups of women, couples, guys and a big cross section of nationalities. It made my heart sing to see this.

We enjoyed a talk by Pauline Ryeland an Intimacy, Sex and Relationship coach, spoke to a stall holder or two of the more spiritual variety and did a little shopping. Boy! It was a breath of fresh air to talk uninhibited to people about this topic and not having to worry whether you might be crossing their line and offending them. I want more of this please.

There really was only one downside for us and that was the fact that due to our own schedule commitments we could only attend the Thursday evening. We felt a little rushed and certainly didn’t have enough time to see all we wanted to. We’ll be back though and next time we are planning a whole day.


Who wants to join me?

Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing, a psychic-medium soul coach.

Clients come to me when they are feeling lost and confused about the direction of their life. I give them the intuitive soul guidance and direction they need to move forward with their life, with clarity, confidence and a lighter and more peaceful heart.

I’m different to other psychics because I’m not just going to give you some obscure, fluffy information that leaves you going “okay, but what do I even do with that?!” My work involves having a heart-to-heart with your soul and then lovingly coaching and guiding you through how to manifest what your soul wants for you. That means you leave with practical steps forward and way more confidence!

I’m a big advocate for the fact that we can all develop our psychic abilities, not exclusive to the few people “gifted” from birth. Everything I do is underpinned by the values of operating with the utmost integrity, creating a sacred, safe, non judgemental space to help my clients and to always be authentic self.

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