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In my work as a psychic medium, when I’m out and about meeting people or speaking at events one of the more common experiences people like to share with me is how they believe they are seeing the Spirit world.


In moments of hesitation, they will experience any number of the following:

  • flashes of movement out the corner of their eyes
  • flashes of colour or light
  • full apparitions of a loved one
  • dark shadows

Does this or something similar happen for you?

These are all common occurances that does go someway to identifying that you are connecting with the Spirit world.

In addition to this, just as many people talk to me about having psychic premonition visions playout where they can see a situation unfold.  Either with a series of images or as some would say ‘just like a video playing in my head’ and they know with out a doubt that this situation is going to happen.

Most of these people however, still as yet are to fully recognise that this is their psychic self making itself known.

While experiencing psychic visions can be daunting and leave you with lots of questions, it is beneficial for you to take a moment of reflection and question why this might be happening for you in this moment.

Are you having a challenging time of it?  Would your loved ones in the Spirit world want to reach out and show you they are supporting you?  It happens ALL the time.

Have you just lost a loved one and they want to let you know they are Ok?  This is more common than you think.

In truth, when you have psychic visions such as this what you may not realise is the amount of emotion and soul energy you are also connecting with in that moment.  Your soul is spreading its touchy feely components and this is where things can get a little unhinged as the emotional after effects can stay with you.

In all likelihood for you though, this simply feels like a mood change that your not really able to explain or justify.

Sound familiar?

So what do you do if all of this sounds like you?


  1. Acknowledge honestly to yourself that you are experiencing psychic visions and experiencing the Spirit world.
  2. To release the emotion use a journal to acknowledge each visit and say something like ‘Thankyou for letting me know you are with me, I appreciate it’ and then mindfully choose to let go of any energy or emotion that is not yours to own.
  3. Should you find your psychic experiences overwhelming and feel a need to understand this more, let’s have a chat.  Honestly most people feel better having their psychic-ness confirmed and then I can also let you know how I can best guide you should you like to explore this side of yourself more.

with love & gratitude,


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Hi, I’m Kerrie Wearing and yes I am a psychic medium investigator.  I support mediums to strengthen their connection to Spirit, enhance their readings and be the confident and successful mediums they want to be.

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