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Sexy Soul Magic Intuitive Journal – Ebook


Sexy Soul Magic Intuitive Journal (160 pages) + How to use your Intuitive Journal (3 powerful intuitive exercises).

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My absolute favourite tool I use to connect with my inner wisdom is my journal.  Quite literally, my journal is my best friend helping me to find clarity and understand my intuitions and insights to a greater degree.

Journaling assists you with:

  • It builds a bridge from your conscious self to your Spirit or Superconscious self and your unconscious mind.
  • It promotes self healing.
  • With what I am going to teach you, you will be able to access your intuition more clearly and consciously.
  • You’ll be able to use it to communicate with the Spirit world
  • And gain insight and greater understanding with what is important to you.

Here in this downloadable ebook format, I am offering a 160 page journal.  All the pages are blank allowing you the freedom to really express your inner spirit.  But wait there’s more! LOL

The real bonus here is the companion guide that comes with your journal stepping you through three (3) intuitive journal exercises that will connect you more strongly with your intuition, provide you with an everyday tool you can use to uncover more insight and intuition with your everyday life. And I’m sure you’ll love the very simple way exercise three has you communicating with the Spirit world.

Exercise step by step instructions included are:

  1. Let’s get clear with a little Self Healing.
  2. Design your life with this intuitive manifesting technique that gets you connected to the soul of it all.
  3. A powerful technique for Mediumship and communicating with Spirit.

What’s included for you here will have you using your journals more effectively and powerfully today.

Download your copy now.




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