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Does this sound like you?
  • You have or dream of having a spiritual soul centered business, yet your not sure how to bring it all together to create the success your desire.
  • It’s causing you to feel stuck. You procrastinate doing anything about it because you’re secretly paralysed with fear about making the wrong decision.
  • Your struggling to see your business financially support you with abundance.
  • Your exhausted and soul weary with little left in the tank because you work hard for little return right now.
  • And for all your efforts to create change it just seems like your hard work yields little results.

You don’t need to think more on the issue.

Being stuck in your head is what is causing part of the challenge.

It’s time to have a heart-to-heart with your Business. To step outside of what is known and access the guidance and inspiration that is there for you. This is where I can help.

Her Magic is where Soul Meets Strategy

  • Getting clear on your Purpose and direction.
  • Breakthough to your next level of Abundance and Wealth
  • Develop authentic strategies to attract clients
  • Be supported by someone who has truly walked the path of creating success with a spiritual business

Here is what’s covered  during  Her Magic  business coaching


6 x Monthly Intuitive Business Coaching sessions


Learn how to manifest success with the Divine Feminine


Daily support in a private community of like minded souls


Your very first Her Magic coaching session includes a powerful Mediumship Soul Activation, conducted by Kerrie and supported by the Spirit world to clear your pathway to abundance and wealth with transformational healing.

Allowing you to move forward to with greater ease while capturing stronger intuitive insight.

This is a Soul orientated Shamanic Mediumship experience that clears the blockages holding you back from realising the life you desire.


You won’t find this available with any other Business coaching package!

Abundance Breakthrough session

More than mindset, lets tap in to really understand what’s needed and clear the blocks with your Soul Activation

Your Unique Purpose

Stand out from the sea of sameness by connecting with your Unique Purpose within the work and business you already love.

Pricing and Packaging

Price and Packaging your purpose and services to reflect your worth.

How to Attract Clients

Soul centered marketing and creating visibility in ways that are authentically you


Let's talk Multiple Income streams

It’s time to think outside the box and uplevel your abundance by creating additional opportunity

Uplevel with your Signature Offer

Let’s uplevel your business and work with inspiration to create your signature offering

Let’s partner with Spirit today to create the success you desire.

 $AUD 1800.00

What’s different about working with  kerrie that you won’t find elsewhere


  • Kerrie has the long term wealth of personal experience to support you.
  • From lounge room mediumship, ghost tours, mentoring to events and self published author, Kerrie has a varied career experience to draw upon for you.


  • Kerrie has the unique ability to communicate with your Soul and your connection to the Universe.
  • Gaining you powerful insights to align your manifesting.


  • Kerries’ 5 pillars create a pathway to prosperity that you can rely on to create flow no matter where you are at or how you feeling.

Why work with Kerrie?

I will never judge you and will always offer a safe sacred space of support and empathy to learn, heal and evolve.

With over 20 years experience as a psychic medium and soul coach and a money back guarantee, you can trust me to help you.

I don’t offer your typical psychic experience that leaves you wondering what to do next. You’ll have a powerful path forward to follow.

Claim the Spiritual Business you dream of today!

Your Investment: $AUD 1800.00

Money Back Guarantee

Investing in any intuitive practitioner goes far beyond the initial outlay of time and money. We often invest our hearts to be able to draw strength in a variety of ways. I am so committed to valuing our experience together that I offer you a 100% money back guarantee should you not be genuinely completely satisfied within 7 days of your first session.  

This is the right fit for you if…
  • You’re spiritually motivated and are seeking to be the best version of yourself
  • You need answers, guidance, direction and support going forward.
  • You want to feel safe and supported
  • You believe that our thoughts and beliefs co-create our reality
  • You take personal responsibility and you are seeking higher awareness and understanding to aid in your manifesting with greater consciousness.
This may not be a right fit for you if…
  • You’re only interested in fortune telling outcomes. How I work is to not only give you a reading but also help coach you to develop actionable steps to manifest your soul’s desires.
  • You’re not really interested in being guided. Every now and then a client will come along where they are not open and ready to listen to my guidance. I can’t help these people.
  • You’re not ready to invest in your soul’s growth. If you are not truly committed to going on your personal journey to discover who you are, then you may not really value a reading.
How will we conduct your session?

All sessions are generally conducted via Zoom.

This means it doesn’t matter where you live, we can still connect.

How long are your coaching sessions?

Please allow 1/5 hours for each session.

When will we meet?

When you click the Book Now link, you will be taken to my online booking system where you will be able to see all availability and choose a time that works for you.

Please book all 6 sessions now to ensure your preferred times, though if needed you are welcome to reschedule any of them as they come around.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Please note, there is a non-refundable fee for $50 for any cancellation with more than 48hours notice prior to your first session  Of course, rescheduling is always preferable and there is no fee involved to reschedule any of your sessions